Created in 2011, ISFIN (Emerging markets advisors) became in less than 5 years, the world’s leading emerging markets advisory for the Islamic Economy (included Islamic Finance and Halal industry).

    ISFIN offers a wide range of services to companies wishing to enter these emerging markets, and deal with specific products for Muslims consumers and companies worldwide.

    We collaborate closely with other firms /consultants specialized in a specific field. We also propose legal and tax advices (throughout our partners in 75 countries) and marketing packages to companies willing to develop Halal/Islamic finance products on their existing and new markets. Working collaboratively and internationally with the best consultants and financial institutions is our strength! Our partners are mostly involved on the Sukuk issuance (Islamic “bonds”) by their respective government like Indonesia, Malaysia, Luxembourg, Togo and Senegal …

    Each member of our team is specialized in a field:
    • Conventional/Islamic Marketing
    • International trade, export
    • Finance, audit, sharia audit
    • Islamic Finance 
    • Halal industry
    • Business intelligence 
    ISFIN is also involved on the academic side the ISFIN institute. However, ISFIN launched in 2015 the 1st executive master in Islamic Finance in the BENELUX at the University Catholic of Louvain (UCL, Belgium), the 2nd oldest European university. 

    ISFIN founded the ISLAMICA500, it is an exclusive guide of 500 selected thought leaders, executives, professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world, active in the Islamic Economy. The ISLAMICA500 is the only independent source of information to connect with the Global leaders of the Islamic economy.
    In 2012, the Financial Times FT Innovation Awards recognized ISFIN for its most innovative corporate strategy. We have a large partnership with media globally. 
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