Samer Obeidat

    Managing Director

    Samer Obeidat is a serial entrepreneur, innovator, and an angel investor who believes in creating shared value and impactful entrepreneurship. During the last decade, he has performed various top management roles with focus on investment management, fintech, and artificial intelligence. In 2013, Samer founded Dubai-based National Bullion House (NBH) and led the development of the first online trading platform for precious metals spot deliverable contracts.

    Currently, Obeidat is leading with a group of scientists an artificial intelligence-driven wealth management firm, called "Investifai", to transform the traditional asset management industry in the US and MENA region. He is also leading Stallion AI, an artificial intelligence solutions company with R&D operations in Ottawa and Dubai. Stallion AI is on a mission to transform MENA’s enterprises with advanced AI solutions, products and services across different industries in both public and private sectors. As of 2016, he was involved in the investment of over $1 billion in the precious metals markets in the EMEA region.
    Samer has a degree in Applied Sciences, and holds a Master’s degree in Global Management from the Royal Roads University (RRU) in Victoria, BC, Canada, where he conducted an intensive empirical research that focused on managing investment portfolios using deep learning technologies.
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