Ghassan Afiouni

    Managing Partner / CEO

    Ghassan Afiouni was born on 01 April 1972, in Lebanon. He is a distinguished research scientist who investigated in many product research and development projects. His past work includes but not limited to:

    Conductive Polymers for Multi-Spectral Screening Material
    Ground Water Remediation Using Zero-Valent Metal and Ultrasonic Energy for chlorinated Hydrocarbon Plumes
    Environmental-friendly conductive polymers for millimeter wave screening material
    Environmental-friendly Cooling Systems, Environmental-friendly Wood Composite Panels
    KAG. RECYCLED Pipe version 2.4i Car
    Low Emission Ultra-ISO Piping of Isopthalic Resings for Glass reinforced systems
    MGWS (Mobile Glass-reinforced Winding Systems) 3-D printing of GRP pipes
    Textile Motherboards as environmental substitute for Conventional Boards
    Sustainable solutions and research for new resources of wood pulp paper industry
    Continuous Process for Food Industries
    Environmental-friendly Fire Inhibition of pulp and paper products

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