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SmartCity News: Denmark role model for decarbonization

3 December 2017

The International Energy Agency has reviewed Denmark’s decarbonization efforts, and concluded the country is “moving convincingly” toward a low-carbon economy independent of fossil fuels.

SmartCity News: New Labelling system to reduce food waste at home

3 December 2017

Government and waste agency WRAP has unveiled a new guidance system on how to improve food labelling in order to reduce food waste in homes. Simple lables such as a snowflake indicating suitability for freezing or the Little Blue Fridge icon to show whether an item should be kept in the fridge could help bring down domestic food waste in the UK dramatically.

SmartCity News: United Arab Emirates boost renewables in island nations

3 December 2017

Following success by the UAE-Pacific Partnership Fund and the launch of the UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund to support island nations in the Caribbean in the development of renewable energy, ADFD has recently announced it that it has started a two-year program to teach people in the Pacific how to utilize renewable energy.

SmartCity News: Bosch subsidiary introduces brake disc that curbs emissions by 90%

3 December 2017

Bosch subsidiary Buderus Guss has developed an innovative brake disc that generates up to 90 percent less brake dust than conventional brake discs. The iDisc also lasts up to double the amount of time of conventional discs, and comes with other safety and efficiency benefits.

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