2nd Edition

9 - 11 April 2018
Dubai World Trade Centre

Achieving Sustainability through Innovation:
Showcasing the Cities of the Future


News and Articles

A Japan-based company builds a Smart City out of nowhere

11 January 2018

In a remote area near the Denver Airport, Panasonic is installing LED street lighting and community-wide Wi-Fi, and prepping for autonomous cars. Called CityNow, the futuristic city is rising up outside of Denver and will be a living lab experiment for creating towns that can survive a disaster, run on clean, renewable power, and contain sustainable infrastructure that improves people’s lives.

Chinese EV Startup unveils futuristic smart car

11 January 2018

With a focus on the digital experience over the driving experience, Byton is trying to make a splashy, yet believable, debut at CES. The Nanjing, China, company introduced its debut vehicle concept at CES Sunday, rolling out its connectivity-focused electric crossover.

2018 will see tech focus on making our devices not just smart, but AI smart

11 January 2018

In the coming year, artificial intelligence will make its way from centralized servers to our handheld devices and home gadgets, and will become a dominant force in all areas in which huge amounts of data are used, Israeli experts say.

Dubai Taxi launches Digital Kiosk to boost smart services for cabbies

11 January 2018

The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched the Digital Kiosk intended to facilitate the processing of transactions and services offered to taxi drivers. It also avails them access to efficient and speedy services through using smart technologies that nurture an advanced and interactive business environment.

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